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One of the Best Dentists in Tsawwassen, Delta, BC
An Outstanding Dental Office and Clinic

Shown here is one of the best dentists in Tsawwassen near you. We look for the best local dental office that is not as well known by searching through thousands of reviews. We’re looking for the hidden gem in the local field of dentistry that needs to be uncovered and shared with the whole community. We not only scrutinize all their reviews along with those of their peers, but we also look behind the scenes to make sure a dentist hasn’t had disciplinary action taken against them by the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals. We finally check to make sure they are licensed and haven’t had complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau.

After sorting through huge numbers of both good and bad dentist reviews, here is what we believe you can expect from a great dentist and what we believe our top pick offers:

  • Procedures that are relatively pain free
  • A peaceful, pleasant experience
  • You won’t pay for work that isn’t necessary
  • Help you obtain and maintain the smile you want
  • The dental work you pay for will last a really long time

We believe the dental clinic below delivers in each of these areas. They are without a doubt, one of the best dentists in Tsawwassen, BC.

Our Complete List of the Top Dentists in Tsawwassen, Delta

If you’d like to expand your options and look at more great dentists in Tsawwassen, Delta, here are more with strong reviews that are worth considering (however, please note that we have not carefully scrutinized these dentists to the same level that we have the featured dentist shown above. The recommendations found below are only based on an evaluation of the reviews we found for them on RateMDs, Google, Facebook, and Yelp).

Beach Grove Dental

Beach Grove Dental is an affordable dentist that offers a complete range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. The good quality of the work they do is one thing that a lot of people who’ve experienced their service say something about in their online reviews.

5686 12 Avenue, Delta, BC V4L 1C4
(604) 373-0678

Average Score: 4.92
Total Reviews: 115
Google: 87
Yelp: 10
RateMDs: 18

Tsawwassen Commons Dental Centre

Tsawwassen Commons Dental Centre is an affordable dentist that provides a broad range of services including general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services. Whether someone is wanting to repair a broken or chipped tooth or would like dental sealants, their aim is to help every one of their patients achieve their optimal oral health.

2206 – 4949 Canoe Pass Way, Delta, BC V4M 0B2
(604) 382-5059

Average Score: 5
Total Reviews: 141
Google: 133
Facebook: 4
RateMDs: 4

Tsawwassen Place Dental Clinic

Whether it’s basic checkups and cleanings or cosmetic treatments such as professional teeth whitening, dental veneers, or dental implants, Dr. Tom Greene, Dr. Sarah Harland, and her team always make use of the most modern techniques and technology to ensure your optimal health and comfort.

101 – 1530 56 Street, Tsawwassen, BC V4L 2A8
(604) 943-9394

Average Score: 4.94
Total Reviews: 55
Google: 38
Facebook: 4
RateMDs: 13

Tsawwassen Family Dental

Creating a positive experience for many of its patients seems to be something Tsawwassen Family Dental does well, and it’s reflected by comments in their online reviews. The dental center provides excellent smile makeovers with dental veneers, bonding, and implants as reflected by their strong reviews.

210 – 1077 56 Street, Delta BC, V4L 2A2
(604) 245-3458

Average Score: 4.96
Total Reviews: 92
Google: 80
Yelp: 5
Facebook: 6
RateMDs: 1

Roberts Dental & Facial Rejuvenation

Going above and beyond their patients’ expectations is something Roberts Dental & Facial Rejuvenation strives to do. Something we really notice about this clinic is the significant number of people who share how kind and very caring the team here is.

5550 12 Ave, Delta, BC V4M 4C2
(604) 943-3343

Average Score: 4.85
Total Reviews: 41
Google: 30
RateMDs: 11

Other Notable Dental Clinics

There are a lot of other dental offices in Tsawwassen offering general dental services. In addition to the practices we’ve listed above, here are some of the popular and notable dentists in Tsawwassen, Delta, BC.

Tsawwassen Family Dental

At Tsawwassen Family Dental, they offer exceptional, professional dental services. They want to make your visit as smooth and as stress free as possible using the latest, advanced technology. They also provide emergency dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist, and pediatric dentist services.

210 – 1077 56 Street, Delta BC, V4L 2A2
(604) 359-9011

Serenity Dental

Dr. Crista Walker and the team at Serenity Dental offer quality dental services to Tsawwassen residents. Their professional, friendly staff work hard to be caring and gentle when performing all dental treatments and procedures.

6714 Corbould Rd, Delta, BC V4L 1A1
(604) 943-7494

My Tsawwassen Dentist

Dr. Brian Standerwick, Dr. Brock Saucy, and the team at My Tsawwassen Dentist welcome people of all ages. They’re someone you can make a dentist appointment with if you’re looking for community dental from an experienced dentist that is also a dental surgeon.

1464 56 Street, Delta, BC , V4L 2A7
(604) 943-0817

Tsawwassen Place Dental Clinic

Going the extra mile is something Tsawwassen Place Dental Clinic endeavors to do, and it shows in their reviews. Their treatment plans are tailored to your individual dental needs to ensure your long term oral health.

101 – 1530 56 Street, Delta, BC V4L 2A8
(604) 943-9394

Nature’s Design Dental

If you’re searching for a local dentist, Nature’s Design Dental in Tsawwassen has a higher than average number of their patients stating in online reviews that they trust them. Dr. Ross Gorrell, Dr. Ash Kler, Dr. Priya Jagadish, and their professional staff are dedicated to providing the customized care and close attention your optimum oral health requires.

107 – 1315 56 Street, Delta, BC, V4L 2A6
(604) 943-2291

More of the Best Dentists in Tsawwassen, Delta and Surrounding Areas

If you’re carefully searching for the best dentist in Tsawwassen, Delta, then we trust we have been able to help you narrow your search. However, it’s possible that you are looking for something even more specific; potentially an orthodontist in tsawwassen, a pediatric dentist in Tsawwassen, a holistic dentist in tsawwassen, a dental hygienist tsawwassen, or even a Tsawwassen dentist near me. If this is the case, then you might be able to discover what you’re searching for on another of our pages focused on nearby communities. We can provide you with recommendations for dentists in Ladner, North Delta, Richmond, and even Surrey.