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Dr. Andrew Chu
Serving Abbotsford, BC
with Dental Clinic and Office

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with a local dentist near you, Dr. Andrew Chu is a well established dentist in Abbotsford, BC and has availability in his schedule to help you at his Abbotsford dental office and clinic. Whether you’re looking for an orthodontist, a cavity filling in a tooth, a chipped tooth repaired, Invisalign or braces, or just looking to improve your smile, Dr. Andrew Chu is a family dentist with a solid track record.

If you are searching for a great dentist near you in Abbotsford, Dr. Andrew Chu is now accepting new patients.

Providing Professional Dental Care
Using Modern Technology

Dr. Andrew Chu is always striving to make certain that each and every visit to their local dental office is not only as helpful as possible but is also pleasant and comfortable. They deliver dental care in a welcoming, friendly, modern environment utilizing proven dentistry technology.

The best dentist at general dentistry helping a patient.

Dental care provides benefits that reach far beyond an amazing smile. At Dr. Andrew Chu they carefully help you with the management of all aspects of your oral health – everything from regular checkups to the proper alignment of teeth to strong, healthy gums. All of this is done by their team to promote your overall health and to help you live your very best life.

Dr. Andrew Chu offers a broad range of general dentistry services including dental crowns along with cavity and tooth fillings.

Call today to schedule your appointment with the best general dentistry dentist in Abbotsford.

A general dentist using restorative dentistry to replace a missing tooth.

Restorative dentistry involves any dental procedure that restores the normal appearance and function of your teeth. Teeth can be structurally damaged as a result of injury or decay. This makes them susceptible to inflection and can lead to tooth loss or gum disease. These can then cause other teeth – and even the jawbone – to deteriorate over time. It’s important to receive restorative treatments because they not only deal with the issues you are encountering now but they also serve to protect your teeth from damage and decay in the future. The range of restorative dentistry services they offer include tooth fillings, onlays to repair partially damaged teeth, and inlays. When you receive tooth restorations such as crowns and fillings, they are usually available in natural looking, tooth coloured materials that perfectly blend in with the rest of your teeth. Whatever problem you are struggling with, Dr. Andrew Chu will find the ideal restorative treatment options for you and your budget.

Dr. Andrew Chu’s Dental Care Services Provided
at Their Dentist Office in Abbotsford, BC

Dr. Andrew Chu offers a variety of dental care services. Here are some of the services they provide at their dentist office in Abbotsford, BC:

  • Broken or Chipped Tooth Repair
  • Cavity and Tooth Fillings
  • Dental Check Ups
  • Braces
  • Orthodontist

Dr. Andrew Chu is a Well Known Dentist in Abbotsford

If you want one of the better known dentists in Abbotsford, then you should check out Dr. Andrew Chu and his team. On RateMDs they have 10 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. So totalling up all these reviews, this gives Dr. Andrew Chu and his team 10 reviews over 16 years.

What Patients Tend to Say About This Practice

When we looked at their online reviews, some themes emerged. These include being very knowledgeable, providing quality service, showing a lot of care for their patients, being greatly trusted by their patients, having gentle staff, and having a tremendous team.


Reviews on RateMDs

Local Dental Care from Dr. Andrew Chu

By looking at the positive reviews they have and the years they’ve been in business, it seems like Dr. Andrew Chu has a committed following of patients that value this practice. If you’re trying to find a dependable dentist in Abbotsford, Dr. Andrew Chu and his team is an option to consider. Call them to discuss your dental needs and discover what they’re able to do for you.

Dr. Andrew Chu’s Abbotsford Dental Office

Dental Office Location

Dr. Andrew Chu’s clinic
is conveniently located at:

101 – 2216 McCallum Road
Abbotsford, BC V2S 3P3

Phone Number

(604) 853-5757

You can call them to set up an appointment.

Friendly Personalized Care with a Gentle, Caring Dentist

Receive dental care that is customized to your exact needs with a gentle, caring dentist.