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Dr. Faro Aghdasi
Serving Abbotsford, BC
with Well Rated Dental Office and Clinic

If you’d like to arrange an appointment with an affordable, local dentist located near you, Dr. Faro Aghdasi is a well rated dentist in Abbotsford, BC and is here to help you at his Abbotsford dental clinic and office. Whether you need a chipped tooth repaired, a cavity filling in a tooth, an emergency dentist, a pediatric dentist, or you just want to improve your smile, Dr. Faro Aghdasi is a high performing, gentle, affordable, family dentist who has an impeccable track record.

If you’re looking for a nearby dentist in Abbotsford, Dr. Faro Aghdasi is accepting new patients now.

Providing Professional Dental Care
Using State-of-the-Art Technology

Dr. Faro Aghdasi works hard to make sure that every visit to their dental office is comfortable, pleasant, and very helpful. They provide a high level of dental care in a friendly, welcoming, modern environment using proven dentistry technology.

A man needing an emergency dentist to with a toothache.

If you require urgent help from an emergency dentist in Abbotsford, you should call Dr. Faro Aghdasi right away at (604) 852-3151. This way, you can get any immediate advice you need to manage the situation for the moment but you can also arrange a time to come in as soon as possible.

Whether one of your teeth has been injured or you have a severe toothache, don’t wait to get the emergency dental care you need.

Your situation needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, and Dr. Faro Aghdasi knows how to relieve the pain you’re experiencing and fix whatever the problem is.

The best dentist at general dentistry helping a patient.

The advantages of great dental care are far more than just a good-looking smile. It’s important to Dr. Faro Aghdasi to carefully assist you in managing every facet of your dental hygiene and oral health. They’ll help you with everything from scheduled dental cleanings and checkups to gum health to proper teeth alignment. They do all this to support your overall health and help you live your best life.

Dr. Faro Aghdasi provides a wide array of general dentistry services including cavity and tooth fillings and dental crowns.

Call today to schedule your appointment with the best general dentistry dentist in Abbotsford.

A general dentist using restorative dentistry to replace a missing tooth.

Any dental procedure that brings back the normal and natural appearance of your teeth along with their proper function is called restorative dentistry. When teeth are injured or suffer decay structural damage can result. This in turn can potentially expose the teeth to infection, and in time this can lead to tooth loss and even gum disease which in turn can result in the deterioration of other teeth and the jawbone in the course of time. Receiving restorative treatments are so helpful because they not only resolve the problems you’re dealing with presently but they also happen to guard your teeth against decay and damage that could happen in the future. Their restorative dentistry services include tooth fillings, onlays to repair partially damaged teeth, and inlays. When you receive tooth restorations such as crowns and fillings, they are usually available in natural looking, tooth coloured materials that perfectly blend in with the rest of your teeth. Whatever problem you are struggling with, Dr. Faro Aghdasi will find the ideal restorative treatment options for you and your budget.

Family dentist helping a couple and their child in a dental clinic.

Serving as a family dentist in Abbotsford, Dr. Faro Aghdasi’s goal is to help you along with each of your family members achieve and optimally maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

They offer a full range of family dental care services from general and restorative dentistry through to cosmetic dentistry. Every aspect of each one of these services is carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of all patients: young, mature, and those in their senior years.

Dr. Faro Aghdasi is always welcoming new patients. Feel more than free to call them, ask any questions you might have and schedule a first appointment. Their Abbotsford family dentistry office is here to help.

A children's pediatric dentist providing dental care for a child.

If you need a children’s pediatric dentist in Abbotsford, Dr. Faro Aghdasi is a place you can definitely count on to provide the gentle care and attention needed to watch over your child’s oral health. If you’re not sure what pediatric dentistry is, it’s providing oral dental care to your child from when they’re a baby through to the beginning of their teenage years. The team at Dr. Faro Aghdasi understands the different stages of growth your child’s mouth will go through and are well prepared with the knowledge and techniques required to address everything from minor to critical issues. They will make sure your child’s oral health care needs are met, and they do a great job of alleviating any anxiety. Their well-trained, caring team will gently and patiently help your child with any worries or concerns they may have. Creating a calm, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere while providing the best dental care possible is what Dr. Faro Aghdasi’s Abbotsford pediatric dentistry service is all about. Give them a try. Call them today and book an appointment.

Dental Care Services Dr. Faro Aghdasi Offers
at Their Dentist Office in Abbotsford, BC

Dr. Faro Aghdasi provides a range of dental care services. Here are some of the services they provide at their dentist office in Abbotsford, BC:

  • Broken or Chipped Tooth Repair
  • Cavity and Tooth Fillings
  • Dental Cleaning and Check Up
  • Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Faro Aghdasi is a Well Rated Dentist in Abbotsford

If you’re trying to find a highly rated dentist in Abbotsford, then you should look into Dr. Faro Aghdasi and his team. They have 10 reviews on Google with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. They have 9 reviews on Facebook with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Lastly, on RateMDs they have 10 reviews with an excellent average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. So adding up all these reviews, this gives Dr. Faro Aghdasi and his team 29 superb reviews stretching over 10 years. This is certainly no small accomplishment and something to ponder if you’re trying to find a good dentist.


Reviews on Google

Reviews on RateMDs

Reviews on Facebook

Great Local Dental Care from Dr. Faro Aghdasi

Comparing their reviews and track record to others, it’s fair to list Dr. Faro Aghdasi as one of the better quality local dentists. If you’re looking for a great, affordable dentist in Abbotsford with a good track record, you should look into Dr. Faro Aghdasi and his team. See what they can do for you by giving them a call and making an appointment to speak with Dr. Faro Aghdasi.

Dr. Faro Aghdasi’s Abbotsford Dental Office

Dental Office Location

Dr. Faro Aghdasi’s clinic
is conveniently located at:

112 – 2618 McMillan Road
Abbotsford, BC V3G 1C4

Phone Number

(604) 852-3151

You can call them to set up an appointment with their office.

Personalized Care with a Friendly, Gentle Dentist

Receive dental care that is customized to your exact needs with a gentle, caring dentist.