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Canadian Provincial Regulatory Dental Boards and Colleges
Who Dentists are Regulated by in Each Province

In every province across Canada there is a regulatory body often called either a board or college that governs dentists and licenses them to practice dentistry in that province. The purpose of these bodies is to protect the public by ensuring that dentists are competent to practice, that standards are upheld, and that complaints against dentists are investigated.

Regulatory Dental Boards Hear Complaints
And Investigate Them

If someone has a complaint against a dentist, they can file a complaint with the regulatory body that governs the province in which the dentist practices. If the complaint is investigated and the dentist is found to have committed professional misconduct, the regulatory body could take a range of actions that could include reprimanding the dentist, suspending their license for a period of time, revoking their license, ordering them to pay a fine, prohibiting them from practising a certain aspect of dentistry, or ordering them to take a specific course or enrol in a specific program.

To learn about how the regulatory board or college governs dentists in your province – or to look into filing a complaint – find your province on the list below.