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One of the Best Dentists in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC
A Top Ranked Dental Office and Clinic

If you’re looking for the best dentists in Kitsilano near you, you’ll find one of the best here. We pour over thousands of reviews to uncover the best local dental office that most people don’t seem to know about yet. We look for someone who’s a real talent in the world of dentistry that deserves to be discovered and revealed to the community. We also carefully examine all their reviews along side their competitors. We then look more closely to make sure they haven’t been disciplined by the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals for acting or practicing inappropriately. We also make sure they’re licensed and don’t have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

As a result of analyzing huge numbers of both positive and negative dentist reviews, here’s what we feel you can expect from a really good dentist and what we think our top pick offers the community:

  • Generally pain free procedures
  • A pleasant experience that is also peaceful
  • Won’t upsell you on work that isn’t needed
  • Help you obtain and maintain the smile you want
  • The dental work you receive will last for many years

Here’s a dental clinic we believe delivers on all these points. They are truly one of the best dentists in Kitsilano, BC that you’ll find.

Our Full List of the Top Dentists in Kitsilano, Vancouver

If you’d like more options and want to look at other top dentists in Kitsilano, Vancouver, then here is our full list of notable dental clinics (please note we have not thoroughly investigated these dentists like we have the featured dentist above. The list below is only based off of an assessment of their reviews found on Yelp, Google, RateMDs, and Facebook).

The Marshall Clinic

The Marshall Clinic provides a broad range of services including cosmetic, restorative, and general dental services. At their office, you’ll receive service and assistance from their caring staff. In reviews found online, we observed that they received a lot of really good comments pertaining to the wonderful experience people have there and how caring their team is.

400 – 1770 West 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 4Y6
(604) 733-9311

Average Score: 4.98
Total Reviews: 328
Google: 219
Yelp: 16
Facebook: 51
RateMDs: 42

Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic

Led by Dr. Faranak Zaeimdar, Dr. Mehdi Noroozi, and Dr. Jeffrey Coil, the team at Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic provides a wide range of specialty dental services. Let them put their tremendous experience to work for you and help you radiate confidence with a healthy, beautiful smile.

3488 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6R 2B3
(604) 336-0958

Average Score: 4.88
Total Reviews: 250
Google: 161
Yelp: 20
RateMDs: 69

Family Dental Care Kitsilano

Family Dental Care Kitsilano offers a wide spectrum of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services. They understand the fear and apprehension some in Vancouver feel about dentist offices so they do their best to help every patient feel comfortable and at ease while they receive their dental care.

2083 Alma Street, Vancouver, BC V6R 4N6
(778) 651-5362

Average Score: 4.86
Total Reviews: 199
Google: 161
Yelp: 7
RateMDs: 31

West Kits Dental

Dr. Torandokht Izadiyar, Dr. Mersedeh Shahabaldine, Dr. Anna Widya, and their team at West Kits Dental provide the very best dental services to their patients. They work to create a gentle, calm environment where all procedures are stress free, relaxed, and pleasant.

3641 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6R 2B8
(604) 734-2114

Average Score: 4.89
Total Reviews: 70
Google: 62
Yelp: 1
RateMDs: 7

Kits Point Dental Group

Following the direction of Dr. Rod Smythe, the team at The Kits Point Dental Group offers a wide spectrum of restorative, general, and cosmetic dental services. They work to create a gentle, friendly environment where all procedures are pleasant, relaxed, and stress free, and they provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs.

1891 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1C6
(604) 737-2101

Average Score: 4.88
Total Reviews: 256
Google: 235
Yelp: 16
RateMDs: 5

Van Dental Clinic

Van Dental Clinic provides a wide range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services. They want to make your visit as smooth and as stress free as possible using the latest, state of the art technology.

650 – 1665 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1X1
(604) 736-7781

Average Score: 4.91
Total Reviews: 310
Google: 276
Yelp: 5
RateMDs: 29

La Vita Dental Centre

Dr. Miekella Okyere, Dr. Lindsay Flumerfelt, and their team at La Vita Dental Centre offer high quality dental services to all their patients. Their friendly staff also work to create a compassionate, relaxed atmosphere.

2259 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 1N9
(604) 738-2259

Average Score: 4.87
Total Reviews: 498
Google: 438
Yelp: 14
Facebook: 35
RateMDs: 11

Other Notable Dentists

There are quite a few other dental offices in Kitsilano offering general dentistry services. Adding on to the practices that are listed above, here are some of the popular and noteworthy dentists in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC.


The Top Dentists in Kitsilano, Vancouver and Those Found Around the Area

If you’re carefully searching for the best dentist in Kitsilano, Vancouver, we sincerely hope you’ve been able to narrow down your search. However, you may also be looking for something a little more specific; possibly a cosmetic dentistry Vancouver, a dentist in 4th ave, or just a Kitsilano dentist near me. If so, you may be able to find what you’re looking for on one of our other pages for surrounding communities. We highlight the most outstanding dentists in Vancouver, West Point Grey, Arbutus Ridge Vancouver, South Granville, and Downtown Vancouver.