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One of the Best Dentists in BC
An Outstanding Dental Office and Clinic

On this page you’ll find one of the very best dentists in BC near you. To uncover the best local dental office that most people don’t seem to know about yet, we pour over thousands of reviews. We look for rising stars in the field of dentistry that ought to be discovered and shared with the community. We not only analyze their reviews, but we also compare them to their peers. We then do an even deeper dive and make sure that they haven’t had been subject to any disciplinary action by the British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals for unprofessional or unethical behaviour. We also check to ensure they are properly licensed and don’t have complaints against them with the regional Better Business Bureau.

As a result of analyzing vast numbers of both positive and negative dentist reviews, here’s what we feel you can expect from a really good dentist and what we think our top pick offers the community:

  • A pleasant, peaceful experience
  • Generally pain free procedures
  • Won’t bill you for work that’s unnecessary
  • Help you attain and retain the smile you want to have
  • The dental work you receive will last for many years

Here’s a dental clinic we believe delivers on all these points. They are truly one of the best dentists in BC that you’ll find.

Our Full List of the Top Dentists in BC

If you’d like an expanded list of the top dentists in BC, here are more with strong reviews that are worth considering (please be aware that we have not rigorously investigated these dentists as we have the one we have highlighted above. The list below is only based off of an assessment of their reviews found on Yelp, Google, RateMDs, and Facebook).


Other Noteworthy Dental Clinics

There are quite a few other dental offices in BC offering general dentistry services. Adding on to the practices that are mentioned above, here are some of the popular and notable dentists in BC, BC.